2015: a year in review

Last year was an okay year.  It wasn’t stellar.  It didn’t suck.  It was merely….okay.  I experienced highs and lows and a lot of in betweens….I traveled (albiet just to Minnesota and Wisconsin and back), I loved, i lost, I loved some more and I made a commitment to myself and to Kyle that 2016 would be filled with as many amazing moments as possible…Oh this is Kyle…god that’s a horrible picture of him.  Oh and that’s me, in the deadpool hat..and the obscurred Thundercats t-shirt.  AnywaysCHICAGO

2015 was a pretty okay year.  One thing that I did more of was cooking as well as venturing outside my culinary bubble.  This all happened in May after we moved from our rather tiny Harry Potter-esk type closet of an apartment to a spacious 1200 square foot beauty with a kitchen that pretty much was my idea of the dream starter kitchen.  Counterspace for days and cabinets that went up to the ceiling.  It was amazing.  And it spurned in me a desire to do more cooking.  It’s hard to get motivated to make a meal when you’re stumbling over your own two feet to get to the fridge and then working in a tiny space to create a meal which feels like a meal. Let alone the old pit was rather gross and unwelcoming and I hated the idea of having people over so why bother cooking when it was just the two of us.

That tune has since changed and I find myself wanting to cook every day, multiple times a day if given the opportunity.  Inviting friends over even if just for breakfast or snack type foods.  It’s amazing.  I’ve created so many awesome meals in my apartment.  I’ve cooked ethnic food that I’ve not tried my hands at.  I successfully prepped, prepared and pulled off 3 Sunday supper club events as well as 3 large family meals.  And I loved it.  To have a group of people come into my home on a random Sunday for a meal thats been in the making for a month fills me with a certain giddy joy.  While I dread the washing of dishes I love seeing the faces of my family and friend around my now larger dinner table as we sit and ask to pass the peas or wasabi marinated grilled skirt steak from one person to another.  It’s happiness at that table.  And its food that caused it.  Well and me and my friends..they take a little part in it im sure.  But yeah this year has been an okay year but an amazing culinary year.  May 2016  be filled with amazing meals shared with new friends and old friends




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