When all else fails, put your trust in a taco

To say I’m a taco fan is an understatement.  It’s like saying that Mona Lisa is kinda casually mysterious, or that Jimmy Hendrix was pretty okay at playing the guitar.  I’m pretty sure my rather large collection of taco and taco associated pop toys and tshirts would be enough secure my place as a true taco supporter.  If given the opportunity to have lunch on a random Friday afternoon at any of my locally owned small business restaurants that haven’t hit fast food franchise status, you will more than likely find me at a place that sells tacos be it Korean style, traditional Mexican, Tex-mex, etcetera etcetera (I really enjoy saying the word etcetera!).

St Louis cuisine in the Greater St. Louis metropolitan area historically has been largely influenced by the German, Irish, Italian and French immigrants who somehow found their way to this gateway city.  Maybe they experienced a real life Oregan Trail scenario and their overburdened oxen driven cart broke a wheel or the ox drowned in the flooding waters of the Mississippi water or worse, dysentery. I don’t know personally why they stopped here but their settlements in the city helped nurture and develop a food culture which to me is reminiscent of what family food should be like.  Over recent years, St Louis has become a safe haven for many displaced refugees from war stricken countries (Bosnia, Syria, Afghanistan and other countries in the Middle East).  The adding of these large populations of immigrants have contributed greatly to our dining experience within the Gateway city.  You would be hard pressed to not find an ethnic restaurant in one of the many boroughs within the city limits.  If you can’t it just means you didn’t look hard enough.  I could quite literally go on all day with my love for the food scene in St. Louis but there is one food craze that will always remain #1 in my heart and that is tacos.

Most people will undeniably say that tacos are the best thing to come out of Mexico.  Like legit, no joke.  Buzzfeed has a post about the top 13 best things to come out of Mexico (13 of the best things to come out of Mexico).  My friend Stephen would probably say his wife Krystal (she’s our token little Latina), some would say avocados, and every single child phobic friend of mine would probably say the birth control pill.  But for me, next to my beloved green gift of the Gods, taco holds a special place in my heart.  And how could it not.  It’s pretty much the perfect thing you can imagine.  What other food when you mention it makes people come together in harmony on a Tuesday.  I don’t see meatloaf or oven baked chicken doing that.  My most beloved spirit animal Deadpool even holds this hand-held meat package in the highest of regards.  And if Deadpool supports this then it has to possibly be true.

One of my most favorite taco joints to go to is a small corner side hole in the wall which can be found nestled in the heart of Bevo Mill in South City St. Louis.  It is the creation of Austin, Tx transplants Mikey Carrasco and Christian Ethridge who brought their love for tasty tacos to the taco hungry citizens of St. Louis.  What is the name of this amazing life affirming meca?  Where can you get such amazing tacos, burritos and an occasional chilequiles?  You can get them, a crafted soda or a local brewed beer at Taco Circus.  It’s hard to believe that this coming December marks its 3rd year anniversary.  It’s gone from being this little no name shop to a place which at on a Friday afternoon can be crowded with people chowing down on a steak fajita taco, a burrito the size of a small domestic cat or a frito pie made with their amazing in-house chili.

Last week my husband and I decided after a Saturday shift to stop by and grab a bite to eat and we were not disappointed.  Their special of the day was this amazing brisket they obtained locally from just a few streets over.  The beautiful subtle smokey flavor and juices dripping into their flour taco shell topped with a generous squirt of their homemade tomatillo cream sauce and it was a no brainer that this place had taken over as #1 in my life as my taco go to.  Why even today after escaping the walls of Washington University I immediately suggested we go to Taco Circus in hopes that they’d have their super loaded chicken chilesquila on the menu as the special and sure enough they did.

All their food is made to order in front of you so don’t expect it to be super fast food speed but then again I would rather take the extra 10 minutes for my order to chit-chat with the staff behind the counter, ogle the 6 burner stove and flat top grill then walk out with a taco who had its meat sitting in a vat of flavorless fat any day of the week.  Top it off with the fact that I can walk out with a beer from any numerous local breweries here?  Shit how can you not go wrong with that.  It’s fast food meets high-end and while the menu is someone sparse and limited you don’t feel like you’re gonna walk away hungry.  Plus if you get hungry again you can always stop by before they close.  Um repeat trip hello..Or if you don’t want to go out they do deliver within a limited radius so I really don’t see how this could be a bad idea.  All I’m saying is tacos are probably the one thing in America that will keep this country together, and the staff responsible for me maintaining my sanity during this crazy tumultuous times is Chris and his crew at Taco Circus.  May it have nothing but success because I have no idea wtf I am going to go to get a brisket taco as good as the one you guys make.

If you find yourself in the St Louis metro area and you want to experience Taco Circuis for yourself you can find them at 4258 Schiller Pl, Saint Louis, MO 63116 7 days a week from 11 am and closing at 7 pm Sunday through Thursday, and till 8 on Friday and Saturday.  They offer delivery services through such food ordering sites like GrubHub but you can also call in and place an order ($14 delivery minimum I think) or better yet stop in and chat it up with the guys.  You will walk in going “eeeh this looks skeptical” but you’ll walk out going “I have found Meca”.  Trust